Various films & Labels

PP film
ItemBOPP, CPP, White Synthetic paper(YUPO)
ApplicationTape, Various Label base, Thermal label base, Food packaging Protect film and various Industrial packaging
PET film
ItemBOPET(Transparent & Color), A-PET(Transparent & Color)
ApplicationSilicon liner base, Optical display panel, Food packaging, Molding case PET Banner, OCA release film, … etc.
Co-extrusion film
ItemMulti-layers film(7 ,9, 11 layer film), Co-extrsion barrier film(Blue, Black, ...etc colors)
ApplicationFood Packaging, Bottom sealed bag, Air Cushion(bag) film, Special resin liner Vacuum pouch, Thermoforming film(Meat & Sausage), Heat shrink film
Various labels
ItemVarious Printing labels, Thermal Label, Linerless Thermal Label
ApplicationNormal packaging Label, Food package label, Thermal Airline-tag, Ski lift ticket
Protective films
ItemHigh transparency protective film
ApplicationFor mobile phone and tablet(iPAD), Various display protect, Portable game machine Processing carrier film
TPU sheet
ItemTransparency TPU, Colored TPU
ApplicationMobile phone key pad, PPF film base, Various protection film, Outdoor, … etc.
Vacuum metallized films
ItemPET film base, PP film base, PE film base
ApplicationPackaging for electrical goods, Food packaging, Snack packaging, Pouches, Reflective film